5 Classic and Awesome Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

The day is almost here. A big move into a whole new life. You have chosen your groomsmen from amongst the very best of your inner circle. They’ve always been a part of your life and will once again stand by your side and have your back. These are your true friends, your best bros, your compadres, and as such, they deserve the very best gifts.

It is common to give gifts to your groomsmen as a way to say, “I love you, man… and stuff.” And, while you don’t have to spend outside what your budget can accommodate, your groomsmen gifts should still be unique, special, and sometimes, impressively masculine. Since you’ll most likely be busy with other aspects of the wedding plans, here are five awesome gifts that will blow your groomsmen’s minds;


Engraved leather flasks

Are you worried about the masculinity of your gift? Leather flasks are a perfect gift as far as alcohol-themed presents are concerned. Your pals will always remember that day every time they sip on their whiskey. If you’re able to get these engraved with friends’ initials, then you’ll make these gifts even more awesome. Fortunately, these leather flasks are readily available on the market and are sold at very affordable prices.


Stylish and switchable watch straps

You may not have given it a thought before but unique gifts like these would usually make a great impression on people. Gift your groomsmen some of the best switchable watchstraps from Strapping Gentleman such as the classic hand-made "The Ex". This comes as a 20mm watch strap, 38/40mm Apple Watch Strap, and 42/44mm Apple Watch Band. It sports a traditional and simple design and is the definition of classic. Add a special note or your guys’ initials on the strap for to give that extra unique touch. This leather strap comes in a variety of colors to complement your men (insert Don Vito Corleone’s voice) “on the day you are to be married.” Fortunately, they are so stylish that they’ll still look cool long after the big day.


Monogrammed bottle openers

Classic bottle openers with the initials of each groomsman engraved on them make some neat gifts. They tend to be affordable and are always useful. Funny enough, they can even start enjoying these openers right away in the midst of all the festivities.


Custom collar stays

Custom collar stays make great gifts for groomsmen. Although you can’t see them when in use, they truly help polish up those pesky collars. Having them engraved with the initials of your groomsmen will give these gifts that special touch of uniqueness. If you go this route, don’t forget to order a set for yourself.


Dopp kits

Dopp kits are great for traveling and are a great way to let your groomsmen know you value their friendship. These are especially good gifts if your wedding location requires travel. If you want to gift your groomsmen something they will use over and over, or if you’re looking for something masculine, then, this might be it.


It’s always admirable to reward these loyal friends on your big day. All of these gift ideas, from the classic to the stylish, would make excellent groomsmen gifts. Most of these items retail at affordable prices so you can show your appreciation for your groomsmen without having to break the bank.


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