The Best Watches for Every Guy’s Style

You really don’t need a watch to tell you time, do you? The truth is that there are many other reasons why a watch should always be part of your look. When it comes to adding that finishing touch to your style, few other accessories can come near the brilliance of a nice-looking watch. There are a lot of watches on the market, but the ones below are some of my favorites.


  1. DKNY Chronograph NY1477

When you’re in the market for that all around everyday watch, this stainless steel timepiece from DKNY is an ideal option you’ll love. It’s tastefully designed and sleek. The chronograph sports a black bezel along with dials and sub-dials giving it a kind of sophisticated look. It also has a date feature on the lower right side and comes at a reasonable price for such a beauty.


  1. Timex Weekender

Versatile, inexpensive, and classic, the Timex Weekender proves you really don’t need a big watch to step up your wrist game. The 38 mm watch does not set out to overpower your wrist, rather the understated design remains simple, basic, and surprisingly cool. The Timex Weekender is also versatile in that you can easily change the straps to suit your style and mood. Just invest in some equally affordable custom-made and super cool straps from Strapping Gentleman and you’re ready to go anywhere.


  1. Nautica Watches

Guys who are familiar with the Nautica line of watches can attest to their coolness despite being easily affordable. Nautica watches always have understated designs that are still very impressive. They are quiet but cool and will easily add that touch of style to your look.


  1. Apple Watch

For lovers of smartwatches, the Apple Watch is not only smart but equally stylish. It has a clever interface and offers a great deal of convenience for users. It’s also a fantastic option for fitness enthusiasts who would like to easily keep tabs on their fitness routines.  Above all of these amazing tech benefits, the aesthetics of the Apple Watch still ensures it can be used by not only tech bums (myself included) but fashion enthusiasts as well.


  1. Swatch Sistem51 Irony

The Sistem51 was initially only available in plastic cases but has seen a new redesigning making it now available in different types of stainless steel designs. The Swatch brand is an iconic name in the industry and this beautiful timepiece still comes at a price that won’t break your budget. The design is super cool and just like the Timex Weekender and the other watches here; you can easily change the leather straps to different types to suit the day’s style.


  1. Citizen Promaster Diver

This magnificent piece from Citizen sports a sophisticated design. It has a bezel that rotates in a one-way direction, a stylish screw-down crown, as well as anti-reflective crystal. It also comes with a carbon-coated case and has a subtle technological touch. For the design and appeal, this watch seems to be reasonably priced.


These are some of the best watches on the market today for the fashion-conscious guy who wants to step up his wrist game. If you want to take your look to a whole new level, you can invest in some nice watch straps to match either based on color or texture. Strapping Gentleman has a collection of many stylish handmade straps that can be easily switched at will for all of the watches above as well as for your favorite watch if it’s not already here. Thus, it will be easier to dress up your wrist to add more grace and coolness to your overall look.


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