Why Custom Monograms Make Great Gifts

Feel limited to giving out the same plain old boring gifts? Customization and personalization have entered the fray to give gifts a whole new meaning. While we are often looking for that perfect gift that seems tailor-made for our friends and families (and that one guy from work,) nothing tops personalization.

If you’re anything like me, you have a super hard time coming up with thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. As we have come to know, the best gifts are the ones that have not only been thoughtfully sourced but also beautifully custom. Adding a monogram to an otherwise normal item can turn a simple-looking gift to an amazing piece memorabilia.

Monograms can be implemented in a lot of ways. They may either indicate the recipients’ initials or may represent some other personal moments or events. They could be embroidered, emblazoned, or engraved, but in each case, they always come across as excellent gifted items.

A custom monogrammed gift is more than just another gift

Most people often end up forgetting who gave them gifts after the first or second use. In other cases, some of these gifts end up collecting dust somewhere in a corner of a room somewhere. When you present a custom-made gift with a monogram, special note, location coordinates, or even a bible verse engraved on it, you’re giving your gift a personal touch that will most likely set it apart from every other gift in the recipient’s collection.


Personalized gifts can be treasured forever

Most gifts that can be customized with monograms are usually hand-made or custom-made items. Fortunately, they seem to always remain evergreen and never out of vogue. Recipients are usually attached to them and so they can be treasured and appreciated long after they have been received.


Custom gifts are usually more appreciated than plain-looking gifts

Recipients of custom monogrammed gifts tend to truly appreciate the thought and effort put into getting them personally made. Since a lot of the world’s population still believes in the old adage that “it’s the thought that counts,” you definitely want to find a custom gift. If you go the monogrammed route, your gift will definitely count as it will be appreciated for the care, time, thought, and effort you put into finding something unique.


Are you having trouble choosing the perfect gift for that special someone? Personalized gifts with his/her initials or other personal symbolic notes can be the answer to all of your questions. Take for example the Woodshop (Apple Watch) watch strap made by yours-truly – Strapping Gentleman; this simple and sleek watchstrap with a woodgrain look can be customized with a monogram or special note on request. As unique as this watch band is, it can get an even more personal touch to take their creativity and uniqueness to new heights.


Custom monogrammed gifts are perfect for every occasion. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about the recipient getting another replica of what you’ve just presented them because your gift will always stand out.


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